What do RCA products and LEMONS have in common?
To find the answer, read on...

RCA is no longer American owned. They are owned by the Thomson Electronic Group, a FRENCH owned company.

And their attitude and service towards customers SUCKS!

My recent purchase of an RCA 35 inch Surround Sound TV (Television) was made after a salesman quoted facts from Consumer Reports showing it to be superior to Sony.

I was going to buy a SONY. I should have bought a SONY!

The set never worked from Day 1. It was purchased on January 5, 1997. It is now April 15, 1997. I'm still without a TV.

RCA authorized repair services couldn't fix it. The set was defective from the assembly line. RCA and the Thomson group have given me no satisfaction, and have not resolved this matter. No one responds. You cannot speak to a manager. All calls are on YOUR phone bill! There is no 800 number. No one cares!

RCA is an inferior product today.

By now you should have guessed the answer to my riddle.


(Remember what France did to America during the Libyan crisis- they boycotted us!)

You may think you are "buying American" BUT YOU ARE NOT!

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