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Geoff Cox pursued a variety of interests prior to matriculating at Carnegie Mellon University. Upon graduating from Nyack High School, he received the Pickwick award for writing excellence.

He earned an engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon and completed a strong concentration in music. It was here that he first became intrigued by the Internet. The potential for sharing information around the world was captivating. At the time, this capability was only available for education and government use so he learned as much as he could before graduating and embracing the traditional working world. Geoff graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering in 1991.

Split between seemingly incompatible passions for creative expression and scientific discipline, Geoff began to merge his analytical ability with his creative ability. His early employment provided the opportunity to learn about technical illustration and computer aided drafting. This intensified his fascination with visual communication.

Later employment involved creative problem-solving in the open-ended world of computer technical support. There was a certain expression of individuality to be had there but he still had to supplement this work with freelance desktop publishing to address all of his interests.

A world traveler in his childhood, Geoff was always interested in communicating with people in different lands. As the Internet and specifically, the World Wide Web became more popular, he knew he had found his medium. He was able to quickly regain his skills learned earlier and found the potential offered by new capabilities for sharing words, images, and interactive content were impossible to ignore.

When not working at NetNoise, Geoff performs and records professionally on sax, plays with his son, explores the Internet, and dreams.

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